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I am a printmaker with a strong interest in multi media techniques. Although always interested in the visual arts, my own practice began relatively recently but quickly became a passion. Short printmaking courses at Fremantle Art Centre and the Australian Print Workshop led to PAWA and to NM TAFE where I completed a Diploma in Visual Arts. I love how acquired knowledge, unfettered imagination and disciplined practice can combine in surprising ways. My printmaking draws on abundant life experiences and ongoing interests from my academic work concerning the place of humans in the wider world, their interconnections with each other, the places they inhabit, and the other life forms they coexist with. The constant refinement of skills and techniques(most recently screen printing) is providing a new vocabulary with which to create layered works that hint at underlying narratives and emotions. I like my work to remain open to interpretation. I am excited to be currently a part of the Bodies of Work PAWA Members exhibition at Moores Gallery, Fremantle alongside a wonderfully talented group of printmakers.

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