Upcoming events

    • 01 October 2022
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Tresillian Arts Centre 21 Tyrell st. Nedlands
    • 10

    Come along to our monthly Skill Share. Wear closed shoes, bring something you are working on and enjoy sharing ideas and skills with fellow printmakers of all levels. 

    Tea and coffee provided. BYO lunch, and perhaps snacks to share. 

    Cost is $20*.  If you would like to receive an invoice and pay in advance please click on "Register" below. You will receive an invoice on registration. However you are welcome to just turn up and cash on the day will be accepted. 

    (* We advise that Skillshare attendance fee has increased to $20 per participant due to increased Tresillian room hire costs.)

    • 29 October 2022
    • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    • Tresillian Arts Centre ,21 Tyrell St, Nedlands
    • 147

    Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    This is formal notification that the Printmakers’ Association of Western Australia Incorporated will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 29th October at 3:00 pm at the Tresillian Arts Centre, 21 Tyrell St, Nedlands.
    • All members are encouraged to attend and are invited to enjoy a social gathering after business is attended to.We will be sharing some food plates brought by those who attend and you are encouraged to bring one of your choice to share.

      The agenda for the AGM will include:

    •       I.         Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting
    •      II.         Report from the President
    •    III.         Report from the Treasurer including relevant excerpts from the Auditors Compilation Report for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2022.
    • A full copy of the report from the Auditor and PAWA’s Treasurer reports for the fiscal year ending June 30th, 2022, are available on application to the Treasurer.
    •    IV.         All committee positions will be declared vacant and nominations for committee positions received will be voted on, a quorum for the vote will be 11 members.


    Vice President



    Membership Coordinator

    Studio Coordinator

    General Committee

    We seek on the General Committee: Studio Co-ordinator (2), Newsletter Co-ordinator/s, Web Page Manager/s, Minutes Secretary/ies plus those who can assist with exhibitions. If you have a specific area of interest, please note it on your nomination form.

     Please complete the Nomination Form and send to PAWA SECRETARY, P.O. Box 6, NEDLANDS. WA. 6909, or scan and email with email title NOMINATION to admin@pawa.org.au by 5 PM on Friday 21st October 2022.


    Elizabeth Morrison



    Haya Hagit Cohen


    The forms: 





     I                                                 nominate                                           for election to the position of: (please tick beside the position you are nominating for


    Vice President



    Membership Coordinator

    Studio Coordinator                                                         

    General Committee (specify a particular area of interest if applicable)


    Signature:           Date:


    Name:                                                       Signature:                                    Date:


    I                                                         consent to the nomination and to act as office bearer in the position of                                                 for PAWA for the year commencing from 29th October 2022.


     Signature: Date:


    The members and outgoing committee welcome your nomination and congratulate you for your commitment to PAWA.


    Please post Nominations to:

    Printmakers Association of WA, P O Box 6, NEDLANDS WA 6909 or scan and email to admin@pawa.org.au by 5PM Friday 28h October 2022.

Past events

17 September 2022 POSTPONED - Low toxic etching workshop - Jo Wood
03 September 2022 September skill share
06 August 2022 August Skill share
02 July 2022 Framed/Unframed
02 July 2022 July skill share - Cancelled
04 June 2022 June skillshare
21 May 2022 Create Your Own Home Print Studio (on a budget) - Jane Button
07 May 2022 May skillshare
02 April 2022 April skillshare: Paper Lithography
12 March 2022 March skillshare
05 February 2022 February skillshare
27 November 2021 Bodies of Work Artist Talks
26 November 2021 Bodies of Work 2021: A PAWA Members Exhibition
16 October 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021
18 September 2021 Solar Painting: Ferns, Flowers and Filigree-Petra Sara
04 September 2021 September skillshare
07 August 2021 August skillshare
03 July 2021 July Skillshare- special guest Mr. Leon Pericles
19 June 2021 Printmaking using the painterly methods of monotype Workshop by Bridget Seaton
05 June 2021 June skillshare
15 May 2021 Make Your Own Mini Print Studio- A PAWA workshop by Jane Button
01 May 2021 May Skillshare Cancelled.
03 April 2021 April Skilshare
06 March 2021 February Skill Share - rescheduled to 6 March
19 February 2021 Pressing Matters Exhibition Opening
05 December 2020 December 2020 Skill Share
17 November 2020 Visit to Berndt Museum - Afternoon Session
17 November 2020 Visit to Berndt Museum - Morning Session
07 November 2020 November 2020 Skill Share
25 October 2020 2020 Annual General Meeting
03 October 2020 October 2020 Skill Share
05 September 2020 September 2020 Skill Share
01 August 2020 Bodies of Work: A PAWA Members Exhibition
18 July 2020 Extra July 2020 Skill Share
04 July 2020 July 2020 Skill Share
02 May 2020 May 2020 Skill Share
24 April 2020 Pressing Matters - PAWA Members Exhibition
04 April 2020 Cancellation: April 2020 Skill Share
07 March 2020 March 2020 Skill Share
01 February 2020 Monthly Skill Share
07 December 2019 December Skillshare
02 November 2019 November Skillshare
26 October 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
05 October 2019 October Skillshare
07 September 2019 September Skillshare
03 August 2019 August Skillshare
06 July 2019 July Skillshare
22 June 2019 Passion in Print Gallery Sitting Roster
21 June 2019 Passion in Print
01 June 2019 June Skillshare
19 May 2019 Monotype with Bridget Seaton
04 May 2019 May Skillshare
06 April 2019 April Skillshare
02 March 2019 March Skillshare
17 February 2019 Monotypes with Bridget Seaton
15 February 2019 PAWA Studio Exhibition Opening
02 February 2019 February Skillshare
01 December 2018 December Skillshare

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